Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Automation is an important part of an organization to maintain and update daily data to their decision-making application which will help their management team to analyze and take an appropriate decision to achieve their business goal. To merge or update data manually from the different data sources to an ERP system or any MIS system is a very difficult task and financial burden for an organization.

Our ETL (Extract - Transport - Load) methodology will help you to implement intelligent automation which will make your data segregation task very easy and cost-effective. Our expert team will implement your business requirement in a professional manner in the era of AI. It does not matter whether your data is in Cloud or in-house server or uploaded via SFTP.

Technology used for Automation

  • MS SQL SSIS Package
  • SFTP
  • PowerShell using SOAP webservice
  • Azure Blob/ Azure Web Job
  • UiPath (RPA)

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